Pollock: ‘I still believe the world needs journalists’


Caitlin Yamada/ Iowa State Daily

2019-2020 Copy Chief Emily Pollock.

Emily Pollock

I have worked for the Iowa State Daily for over a year now, and in my time working for the paper I have made the leap from copy editor to copy chief.

While my current job closely resembles my first position, I have come a long way in terms of the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired between my first day as a wide-eyed freshman editor and now.

As I continue to work in my new leadership position, I am reminded just how much value this opportunity holds, not just because of the skills I’ve gained that will benefit me outside the newsroom, but also because of the connections I’ve made inside it.

What I love about working for a newspaper is that it’s all about collaborating with like-minded yet diverse individuals to bring a community something it simply cannot function without — journalism.

It is such a great feeling seeing fellow students put so much effort and enthusiasm into our news services at the Daily, whether it be for the paper or digital product, a podcast or social media. Although I now study advertising instead of journalism, I still believe the world needs journalists, and I still enjoy working with those who share a passion for writing for the good of others at the Daily.

Without newspapers like the Daily, community members would be far more isolated from each other than they are right now. Influential events like Pridefest would get way less attention, and opportunities to bring people together would be missed.

In addition, without news outlets, communities would lack a platform to start discussions on pressing issues, whether they be local or prevalent in different parts of the world. In a country where so many opinions clash and tear us apart, journalism is integral to serving the truth and bringing people back together to focus on a shared goal of bettering our future.