Parking fines

Saige Heyer

There are many things for which motorists can get ticketed. Here are the various fines the Department of Public Safety parking division has listed on its website at

• Altering, forging or counterfeiting any parking permit: $150

• Unauthorized possession and use of a parking permit: $150

• Failure to comply with signs regulating campus traffic flow: $30

• Driving on campus walks or lawns: $30

• Driving on closed streets: $30

• Driving on bike paths: $30

• Access to restricted areas by means other than established gate openings: $30

• Moving or driving around a barricade: $30

• Improper use of gate card: $20

• Illegal parking: $30

• Improper parking: $15

• Overtime parking at meters: $10

• Parking without an appropriate permit in a reserved lot or space: $25

• Improper affixing or failure to display a permit: $5

• Failure to purchase a parking receipt: $10

• Improper parking in a space or stall designated for persons with disabilities: $200

• Failure to display a current bicycle registration: $5

• Bicycle improperly parked: $7.50

• Improper use of roller skates, roller blades or skateboard: $25

• All other violations: $15

To avoid getting fined for parking where you’re not supposed to, you can either park at the Commuter Lot at the Iowa State Center, purchase a permit through the parking division or ride CyRide.