Story County District Court hears motion to dismiss Palo lawsuit

Beau Berkley

In Story County District Court on July 28, an attorney representing the woman who in 2012 accused former ISU basketball player Bubu Palo of sexual assault argued for the dismissal of Palo’s defamation lawsuit against her client and the client’s mother.

Palo’s defamation lawsuit against his former accuser originates from the sexual assault case, which was dropped when the woman and her mother allegedly introduced fabricated evidence to the court. The woman alleged that the blouse she was wearing on the night she was assaulted was torn during the assault, but after a forensic analysis, it was found that the blouse was torn after the incident. 

Natalia Blaskovich, the attorney representing the defendants in Palo’s defamation suit, contended that Palo’s suit is not only harassing but also challenges the victims right to file a police report. 

Palo, an Ames native and former basketball player, is not enrolled at Iowa State.