Movie Review: ‘Think Like a Man Too’

Jarrett Quick

“Think Like a Man Too” has some funny moments, and a great ensemble cast but for the most part is filled with well-worn gags and very few new ideas.

‘Think Like a Man Too’ brings back the cast of 2012’s “Think Like a Man” for the wedding of Candace (Regina Hall) and Michael (Terrence Jenkins) in Las Vegas. Soon after arriving in Las Vegas, the group splits up for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Despite the future bride and groom’s wishes for a quiet weekend, the parties quickly fly off the handle causing complications for the wedding.

The creators of “Think Like a Man” are acutely aware Kevin Hart has become a major box office draw, and for the most part the best parts of the film fall on his shoulders. As a result, Hart really overshadows the rest of the cast leaving him to go for some bits that really don’t land. Seeing him try to prove he is the new “boss” to a bunch of prisoners was hilarious, but the rest of the cast often ends up with nothing to do but wait for its turn to speak the next bit of exposition.

I thought the film was filmed much better than “Think Like a Man,” especially the casino scenes. Las Vegas makes for some great set pieces and “Think Like a Man Too” takes full advantage of that. Even shorter dialogue scenes are at least interesting to look at even if what is said has been heard a thousand times before in other romantic comedies. Even though the dialogue isn’t breaking any new ground, the film is at least nice to look at.

“Think Like a Man Too” is funny, but it doesn’t do enough new things with the characters to create anything really impressive. Hart is the driving force of the film, and even his manic energy can’t sustain the film for the entire running time.

2 out of 5 Stars