Fire breaks out in Union Drive Community Center

Flames can be seen inside Union Drive Community Center’s dining center. The Ames Fire Department received a call at 12:06 a.m. June 15 that UDCC was on fire. The cause is initially thought to be a grill that was left on.

Maddy Arnold

The Ames Fire Department received a call at 12:06 a.m. June 15 that the Union Drive Community Center was on fire. Flames and smoke were visible through some windows of the building.

The fire appears to have been limited to the dining center and the roof of the building. Three fire trucks arrived on scene and fire crews used a ladder truck to access the roof of UDCC.

Tom Hill, senior vice president for student affairs, arrived at UDCC shortly after the fire began. Hill, along with others who were not in fire gear, were allowed to enter the building and observe the damage.

Hill said the cause of the fire is believed to be a grill that was left on in the dining center. However, there will be a full investigation to determine the exact cause of the fire at UDCC.

Not much water was used to put out the fire, which was completely extinguished by 2 a.m. Hill said the fire crews used mostly chemicals to fight the fire. Firefighters took another hour to clear the smoke out of the building with fans.

Jennifer Ross, manager at Union Drive Marketplace, said the dining center services will be funneled to Seasons dining center beginning with breakfast on June 15.

“I anticipate things getting back to normal very soon,” Hill said.