Student designs showcased at The Fashion Show 2014

Models walk the runway showcasing the Best In Show line “Oriov Endue” by Whitney Rorah during The Fashion Show on April 4, 2014 at Stephens Auditorium. The pieces in the show were created by Iowa State students and the show featured 92 different looks.


Wedding dresses, 1970s hair and a proposal — no, this is not a rom-com — we’re talking about The Fashion Show 2014.

Though it was the show that attracted the audience to CY Stephens Auditorium on April 5, it was the surprise proposal that brought people to their feet.

What really made the moment picture perfect? The newly engaged Caine Westergard was already in a wedding dress.

Caine, a designer and model in the show, was coming off a final runway walk in one of the dresses from the Best in Show collection when boyfriend Tym Wood popped the question.

The Best in Show collection of wedding dresses and gowns “Orlov Endue” was created by Whitney Rorah, senior in apparel, merchandising and design.

While the breathtaking gowns were a high point of the show, it was a 70s theme that the audience saw most.

From the huge, frizzed-out hair to the retro clothing, the unofficial theme of the show could have been a 1970s fashion flashback.

This theme was first apparent through jumpsuits with bold, flared legs. The versatile piece was shown in colors ranging from a simple gray to a patterned, bright red.

Colors also carried on the retro theme through the use of burnt orange and brown in gowns and jumpsuits, including a line of rich, brown dresses titled “Hattie Neville.”

The show also had an abundance of high-wasted pants worthy of Donna from That ’70s Show.”

However, it wasn’t just the pants that reached high; high-wasted skirts with crop tops were also common-place during the show. Crop tops were shown in both fitted and flowing styles to pair with the different high-wasted skirts and pants.

After a brief intermission in the show, guest designer and Iowa State alumna Kelsey O’Connell from C. Wonder said she was happy to be back at The Fashion Show and introduced the summer 2014 C. Wonder line.

The line featured a strong nautical theme with an emphasis on white, red and navy pieces. Stripes and lace were also reoccurring throughout the line and were used in dresses, shirts and sweaters alike.

Peplum shirts with both eyelet fabric and pleats were seen in the C. Wonder summer 2014 line, as well as lines throughout the show, paired with shorts and jeans.

Though awards were given following the runway portion of the show, this year’s Fashion Show did not feature a People’s Choice award as previous years have.

Producer Katelyn Hall said they chose not to do the People’s Choice award this year because of the cost, saying it cost over $100 to award the scholarship and use the program to receive votes from the audience.

“We had really low participation in it in the past,” Hall said. “It cost us a little more money than it seemed like it was worth.”

Hall said that tickets were sold out for “almost the whole main floor and most of the first and second balcony.” She said she thought the show went really well, but the feeling backstage was a personal high point.

“Everything went according to plan,” Hall said of the show, citing the help of a strong team of directors. “It was exciting to see all of the models back stage and feel that energy.”