Fashion Show trends you can wear

Miranda Pollitt

The ISU fashion show is the biggest night of fashion for the Iowa State community. From wedding dresses to swimsuits, the show had a wide range of garments to display.

But how can you take inspiration from these amazing outfits and incorporate it into your own style?

There are a few stand out trends that graced the runway you should take note of. For example, a lot of the designers showed either rompers or jumpsuits. This is an easy trend to recreate. Most stores are now carrying this big trend for spring. Whether it is a solid or printed, rompers are trending this season.

Large floral prints were also a common trend on the runway. Whether they were on a skirt, dress, or crop top they make a big statement.

This is also a simple trend to recreate. Florals are a staple for spring so find any clothing item, whether it is in your closet or at the mall, with a bold floral print.

C Wonder, the guest designer, showed a very nautical inspired collection. It was full of stripes, lace, white and of course anchors.

You can recreate this huge trend by finding nautical inspired pieces in your closet. The designer had combinations of white on white, jeans and striped tops, and peplum accents. Any of these trends are easy to wear, recreate and rock the nautical look.

The last trend I noticed throughout the show was high waisted everything. From skirts to pants a high waist was a reoccurring trend throughout the night.

These high waisted pieces were paired with a cropped shirt of some sort, whether it be a sweater or a cropped tee.

An easy way to re-create this combination is to find a crop top in your closet and pair it with a fun high waisted skirt or pant.