Alex Krumm steps into new role of Student Government adviser


Mia Wang/Iowa State Daily

Newly elected Student Government President Austin Graber was confirmed by the Senate April 17 during the Student Government meeting.

Jacob Smith

Alex Krumm, Student Government’s new adviser, plans to teach students how to be successful leaders, provide support and guidance when needed and use his past experiences to develop and grow Iowa State.

Krumm said he was drawn toward Student Government because of his passion for helping students become effective leaders.

“Much of my professional career has been focused on helping college students who are doing good in their communities to be successful leaders,” Krumm said. “Working with Student Government is a great opportunity to continue to live out my heart for helping those who do good to lead well.”

Prior to coming to Iowa State, Krumm was an adviser to students for five years. He said he takes pride in advising students.

“It was a joy to work with them to help them develop and live out their mission on that campus,” Krumm said. Although his role was not in Student Government, he said he feels his experience is similar and will benefit him. 

An adviser is someone who provides support and encourages students even when things are tough, Krumm said he believes. He hopes to help the students improve their communication skills and challenge them to grow as leaders. Krumm wants to help students open a line of communication with Iowa State’s administration and their constituencies that will lead change on campus.

“Getting to know the individual students, learn what they are passionate about, and helping them live out that passion in a way that fits the mission of Student Government,” Krumm said on what he is most excited for.

Krumm wants everyone to check out the new and improved Student Government website. Over the summer, the website went through a big overhaul.