“Mr. Nobody” Review

Jordan Mains

“Mr. Nobody” is the story of a 118-year-old man named Nemo Nobody, who is the last mortal on earth after every other human has managed to achieve immortality.

Academy Award winner Jared Leto is the star in this film, and for the first time, it is available to viewers nationwide in the United States after being originally released in Belgium.

While nearing the end of his life, Nemo looks back to the very beginning. He takes a look at the choices he has made, and how things might have been different had he chosen a different path.

His earliest memory comes when he was first adopted by his foster parents. Things are great until some complications in the family arise when Nemo turns nine.

Through all the issues Nemo’s mother and father make the decision to separate. Nemo is then faced with the toughest decision a nine-year-old boy would ever have to make. Does he go with his father, or with his mother?

The answer is both. Or neither. It is tough to tell at first. Soon we realize that Nemo is simply taking a look at what life will bring him with whichever decision he makes.

It should also be brought into the light that Nemo has a special gift that no one else has. He can predict the future. It is what allows him to take a look at what his life would be like before even deciding what actions he should take.

For this reason, you should pay very close attention to the plot of this movie, or it can really screw with your head. It tends to jump around quite a bit, but it is one of those movies where it has to in order to make sense.

The film takes a look at Nemo’s life and how the decisions he makes will impact him. What will make him the happiest? What decisions might he regret? It seems as though there is no simple answer.

I really liked this film. It really gets you thinking about life, who you are, and the choices you have made and will make.

The film is 155 minutes long though, so be prepared for a long sit-in. Because it is so long, it can drag at times.

This is also one of those movies that you have to watch through a few times to put all the pieces together. I feel like there were many instances where a part of the movie just did not make sense to me, just because there was concept that I either had missed in the movie or just was not introduced yet.

Overall, it is a great film and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious cinema. You can pick it up today anywhere DVDs are rented or sold.