Letter to the editor: Students should vote no for Scheman expansion project

Iowa State University students have two possible votes March 4. One is for the Government of the Student Body, which you can also vote March 5, and the other is for the proposed joint convention center between Iowa State and the City of Ames.

The ballot initiative would allow the City of Ames to issue up to $19 million in general obligations bonds to pay about half the cost of renovating the Scheman Continuing Education Building and build a new flat space building north of Scheman at the ISU Center.

Proponents at first greatly exaggerated the monetary impacts of the project, and are now trying to convince us it is necessary for the “vibrancy” of the community.

Probably the main “vibrancy” most students will ever see is a noticeable increase in rental rates for those who live off campus.

There are only seven voting locations for this vote. The closest one to campus is Collegiate United Methodist Church, 2622 Lincoln Way. The others are listed on the Story County Auditor’s website. Polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

I encourage you to help our community give a resounding “no” to this wasteful project.