The five fashion rules that are OK to break

A good example of a way to break rule number two, mixing brown and black.

Rachel Geronimo

Forget what people say — fashion is supposed to be fun. Who says you can’t wear what makes you comfortable?

“Fashion is a way of expressing your culture, who you are and what you like,” said Rayne Cook, sophomore in apparel, merchandising and design. “I don’t think that there should be any limitations because we should be able wear whatever we want. It makes us who we are. Rules would just restrict a person’s idea and creativity.”

So when it comes to being herself, there are no rules affecting how this fashionista dresses. Now it’s time to bring out your bad self and do some illegal moves — well illegal to the fashion police. Here are five fashion rules that are meant to be broken.

1. “Never, ever do denim-on-denim.”

Let’s face it — this rule has been written out of the Fashion Bible for years. It’s true that if denim-on-denim is not paired well, the outfit can go terribly wrong. But by matching light-washed denim with a dark-wash or by pairing denims with different embellishment and textures, denim-on-denim can look stunning together.

2. “Black and brown together? YUCK!”

Why is it black matches with everything but brown? Black and brown are neutral colors, which means they really do match anything — even each other. Be sure to match your clothes with lighter shades of brown mixed with black, or pair different textured materials of brown or black together. This will ensure you do not clash.

3. “Only wear sneakers when working out.”

A gal should take a break from wearing killer heels once and a while and wearing sneakers can become a great favor to your feet during some situations. Do not underestimate the fashion potential of sneakers, as they have become popular recently among street fashion. Sneakers have the ability to add an edgy look to your style. Incorporate your trusty pair of sneaks with a sleek pair of pants and a nice shirt for a rockin’ outfit.

4. “Same color from head-to-toe? How about NO.”

What are fashion gurus talking about? The monochromatic trend. When wearing one color throughout an entire look, remember to balance your wardrobe by mixing shades of the same hue. Create interest by mixing pieces with different textures or prints and finish the look by wearing neutral shoes and a statement jewelry.

5. “Mixing metals can never be.”

On the contrary. It is fashionable to mix silver and gold accessories because it creates a complementary look. Just like black and brown, these metals are neutrals capable of going well with almost any outfit. By mixing metals, you are able to put an abstract flavor on your wardrobe. This rule also applies for other metals such as copper and cobalt.