Four Varieties pairings make final cuts

Greg Zwiers

Teams have been practicing since the week after Homecoming for the annual Varieties Talent Show. Many greek houses get involved in the show.

Emily Kimpston, sophomore in statistics, Kappa Delta member and varieties co-chair, has been working since before Homecoming to organize her teams show for Varieties, the annual talent show put on by the Student Union Board.

“I was in Yell Like Hell and we had practices right up to homecoming weekend and then while I was in Yell Like Hell I was working as a co-chair writing the script,” Kimpston said.

Co-chairs have to create the coreography, script, song lyrics and the set, said Kimpston.  

Grant Bargfrede, senior in public service and administration in agriculture and Varieties producer said the the performances have gone very well this year and all the skits have been very original. Bargfrede is a member of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity.

Most teams have about 50 members with about 25 men and 25 women, but some teams can have up to 80 members Kimpston said.

Many of the participants are in the greek community, but the Student Union Board sends out information to the dorms. Greek members also spread information by word of mouth, Bargfrede said.

“Each group will probably have at least a few participants who are not greek,” Bargfrede said.

Tim McKeague, freshman in pre-business, member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and part of Pairing E said most people put in around seven hours of practice a week. His group has been working since before Thanksgiving break.

“It’s been quite a journey, but we put a lot of work into it,” Mckeague said. 

Four pairings made it through the Second Cuts round and into the final Sweepstakes Performances.

“It felt phenomenal, I mean we’ve been working so hard on it. Now that we made it, it feels good and we’re shooting for the championship,” McKeague said.

Some of the skit titles are, “The Popularity Application,” “Behind the Makeup” and “A Turn in Time.” The title of of Pairing E’s performance is “Joey Ravioli’s Guide to Women.”

“We always have a good time with it and I know the audience had a good chuckle with it,” Mckeague said.

The groups all have their own bands with anywhere from 5-20 members. Bargfrede said the bands are usually members of the house or friends who are involved in music and the size of the band is up to each group.

Bargfrede has four dramatics directors who act as liaisons between the pairings and the organizers. Most dramatics directors have at least one year of experience either performing or being co-chairs.

This year, seven pairings took place in first and second cuts. Bargfrede said it was great to see more participation than in the past and it seems like everyone is enjoying themselves.

Varieties has been around for more than 80 years. Bargfrede said the show dates back to the Great Depression as a way to provide free entertainment to students.