Active clothing takes a fashionable turn

Mary Kate Knabel

Lied, State Gym, and other recreational facilities are popular locations for Iowa State students to congregate through exercise and fitness.

With street style being a popular tool for noticing trends worn by everyday people, observing students at the gym can also serve as a way to understand popular fitness styles. 

In recent years, fashion and fitness have fused with popular companies producing active/lifestyle lines aimed at on-the-go individuals. Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle, Calvin Klein, and many other well-known brands offer a trendy alternative to average gym wear. 

Currently, the fitness clothing market has seen circulation from online companies presenting affordable, active clothing for a woman who appreciates fashion. 

With Kate Hudson as the face of it’s products, Fabletics is at the forefront of online activewear. This new site offers a lifestyle quiz for visitors to find clothing and accessories tailored to that individuals needs. Product is trendy, reasonably priced in comparison to other lines, and can be worn by a variety of age groups. 

Fabletics is one of the many up-and-coming online fitness retailers that offer merchandise for the fashion inclined. Style is making its way into the gym. Although some protest the fusion of two worlds, many embrace the thought of looking good while exercising.