Unions: Tips for finding the perfect hairstylists, makeup artists

Samantha Pearsall

It’s more about who you know than what you know

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. There are hundreds of hair stylists and makeup artists out there to choose from and finding one to fit your personal preferences can undoubtedly be overwhelming. Use recommendations from friends, family or salons. Just as bride Allie Stehlin experienced, sometimes your desired stylist isn’t available, therefore you have to go with the next best thing. She asked for recommendations from the salon she trusted and was pleased with the new stylist. If you trust your stylist, it will make it easier for you to speak up about what you want. This is the day that is all about you, so you’re allowed to be a bit picky.

The options are endless

There are up-dos, half-ups, windswept, natural looks, evening looks and so on. It’s difficult enough to choose how you want to look on a Tuesday morning, but it’s a whole other thing to decide your look for a wedding.

Consider comfort. Will your heavy makeup be smearing down your face at a reception for an outdoor summertime wedding, or will a windy fall afternoon be the culprit of awkward hair-in-the-face photos? The big day should be stress-free and full of easy fun.

“It’s all about what makes you feel comfortable,” said Allie Herrick and Michelle Golden, both experienced hair and makeup artists at The Salon in Ames. They spoke heavily of considering what makes you feel like you. From classy to spunky, your wedding day is the perfect time to show everyone who you really are. 

The seasons change and so does your look

Just as one might imagine, the popular looks for makeup and hair change depending on the time of year. The colors used for makeup often relate to the colors of the clothes for that particular season. Winter harbors deeper, heavier colors while the summer months keep it light and natural. While Herrick does not suggest changing hair color for the wedding day, hair trims and cutting the bangs are popular with brides and can enhance any look desired.

Plan accordingly

Your wedding day is not the time to procrastinate. Golden advises multiple trial runs for hair and makeup. If your budget allows it, Golden said to “keep going until you’re happy.” Doing the trial runs will help determine the time blocks needed for each beauty task and eliminate any hair anxiety you may have to begin with. Make sure to give the stylist an advance notice if you would like your makeup done as well. Never assume or you might end up doing it yourself.