chess Challenge for the united way at Iowa State

Berenice Liborio

Dr. Jiles plays blindfolded chess challenge against any non-blinded opponent for the United Way

When asked how confident Dr. Jiles felt about playing chess blindfolded he said “I do not know, I’ve played once or twice a few times before.”

aDr. David Jiles, department chair at Iowa State Electrical and Computer Engineering, is originally from England. He came to Iowa State in 1984.

Before the event started Jiles said, “It will be an interesting day, without looking at the board.”

He played in a chess challenge to benefit the United Way on Saturday morning at the ECpE Building Addition Atrium. He played blindfolded against any student who was not blindfolded. For every game Dr. Jiles lost he would donate 100 dollars to the United Way.

“I have no idea what will happen, but it will be exciting.” Said Jiles.

The United Way of Story County’s Annual Campaign contacted the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to help raise funds; they have completed 60 percent of their goal to raise over $15,000. They have $10,000 more to go.

“I started playing since I was six or seven years old, so about 50 years,” said Jiles.

The challenge was put on the table for anyone interested for a game of chess against a blindfolded Dr. Jiles. There was an entry fee of 10 dollars per person; all of the money collected will go the Story County United Way.

“Anyone can sign up,” said Jiles.

The entry fee money will also help contribute to reach the College of Engineering’s goal of $25,000.

The event started from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. “I’ll be blinded for four straight hours.” Said Jiles. “I’ll be tired.”

The FIDE Laws of Chess governed the game. Jiles employed a surrogate (deputy) to make his moves on a physical board and call out the opponent’s moves verbally.

On Saturday October 19, he’ll play against up to 20 simultaneous opponents and donate 20 dollars to the United way for every game he loses.

“I’ll take one at a time, ten at a time, all at one,” Jiles said.