Fancred app review

Timothy Goldrick

Fancred is simple. You login with your Facebook, choose your favorite teams and invite friends, and after that you have full access to the new application.

On the app you are allowed to join in groups for your favorite teams and players. This allows for good sociability for fans of teams and to build a online community. 

Other than that there are not many positive things about the app, especially when discussing content. Sure, there are some interesting posts that arise from Fancred, but the bulk majority that pops up are meaningless memes and pictures. 

So let us start by saying Fancred is trying to be Twitter’s sporty son. The newsfeed is very similar and it has a near identical profile page that has information on amount of posts and even a feature that ranks how credible you are as a sports fan.Yet credibility is dependent on quantity of posts not quality, which is a major problem for those looking for news about teams and players.

After following select teams and sports fans, it is time to start browsing through newsfeeds.

There is a nice feature that allows for liking, disliking, sharing and commenting on each post, but the problem is that the posts are for entertainment not information.

Fancred is not the type of place to go to learn information on big games, or to be updated on injury reports. There are no riveting or worthy stories to read, rather it is just a culmination of garbage thrown onto a newsfeed.

True sports fans want substance, not snapshots and I am afraid that Fancred does not give that due to its users. However, if sports fans are looking for an app that builds an online community around sports teams, Fancred is for you.