Athletic director addresses concerns at senate meeting

Lauren Klein

Athletic Director Jamie Pollard attended the Government of the Student Body’s latest weekly senate meeting. He offered insight to the senate regarding seating in Jack Trice Stadium.

Pollard addressed the issue of non-students taking up seats in the student section. He discussed possible solutions, including assigning seats within the section.

“We’re aware of the challenges,” Pollard said. “I wish there was an easy fix.”

Pollard was asked about “finishing the circle” by adding seating to Jack Trice. He explained that the main issue with this project was the $50 million cost associated with it.

“The reality is the seating alone won’t pay for it,” Pollard said.

Stadium expansions are being considered under a master plan regarding expansion throughout campus in an effort to accommodate the university’s growing enrollment.

After Pollard’s speech, the senate seated eight new senators. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences had two open senate seats. Seniors Molly Foley and Jake Baker were nominated to fill them. Both expressed excitement to get involved in the senate.

“I do regret not getting involved in GSB sooner,” Foley said.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences nominated Hamad Abbas to fill its single open senate seat. Abbas was also seated onto the Rules Committee of the senate.

The Inter-Residence Hall Association filled three open senate seats. New senators Megan Sharp, Danielle Nygard and Samuel Schulte were seated as IRHA representatives. Schulte joined GSB as a transfer student.

“I wanted to help serve as a voice for other transfer students,” Schulte said.

Sabina Grenaderova and Michael Debates were nominated to fill United Residents Off-Campus’ two open senate seats. Grenaderova is the senate’s first international student seated for the year. All new senators were seated by unanimous consent.

The senate meets every Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. in the Memorial Union.