Tips for readjusting for a new semester

Saige Heyer

Get back on schedule and set up a routine. Start going to bed and waking up at the same times as you will be during the school year around two weeks before school starts. This way, you will be used to the schedule and it won’t be a rude awakening, so to speak.

Set up a budget. Working hard and saving money over the summer is a great idea, but only if you follow a budget during the school year so your finances aren’t depleted within the first semester. If you plan to work during the school year, make sure you create a budget that pays your bills and helps you save.

Familiarize yourself with construction zones. Construction will still be underway both on campus and off at the beginning of the school year. Make sure you pay attention to where this is happening and allow ample travel time so you’re not late for class or work.

Figure out where your classes are. Please don’t be late for your first day of class because you’re not sure where your classes are. Take an hour out of your time a day or two before and figure out where your classrooms are and how long it takes to get between each one.

Get your school supplies before the rush of new students. The new students will be rushing in the week or two before classes start to get their textbooks and school supplies. Avoid the frenzy by getting yours as early as possible.

Get ahold of your friends. In the midst of getting back into the swing of things, don’t forget to plan some leisure time with your friends. Call around and see who’s back and get together to grill out, see a movie or just hang out.

Unpack your stuff. Most people dread this part of moving back to Ames. It’s hot outside and you’re tired from moving everything into your place of residence, but this is something that needs to be done. If you unpack one box at a time and put things away, it won’t seem so overbearing. Work on a box or two per day and you’ll be done in no time.