NTK Welcome to Iowa State – Spencer Hughes

Saige Heyer

Welcome to Iowa State University! You’re now a member of a community of more than 32,000 peers and 227,000 living alumni, coming from every county in Iowa, every state in America, and over 140 countries across the globe. You are a part of something amazing here, and I can’t wait to see what you do with that opportunity.

You’re entering an incredibly rewarding chapter of your life, but also one that will fly by. I vividly remember standing in my first dorm room in Martin Hall in August of 2010, filled with feelings of excitement and independence. Come to think of it, that feels like it was yesterday. As the current president of the student body (and former incoming freshman), there are a few pieces of advice that I wish I had taken to heart when I started here. I’d like to take a moment to share them with you.

Reach out early to fellow students and make some friends. Does it feel a little awkward to you? Guess what—it feels a little awkward to everyone! Everyone is in the same boat as you, now that they’ve found themselves in a brand new place surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Be the person that rounds the group up to head to a football game together, or that wanders down the hallway asking who wants to play video game with them. Believe me—people will be glad that you’re taking charge, and you’ll get some great friendships out of it.

This is your community now. Be a part of it. Spend time walking through campus just to enjoy the scenery. Check out the lectures calendar and see what interests you for an evening. Grab some friends and head out for dinner somewhere in Ames—I’d recommend The Café or Chinese Homestyle Cooking. Spend time enjoying your surroundings, because you’re in one of the best places that you’ll ever find.

Lastly, enjoy it. Every last second of it. And if you’re having trouble doing that, know that there are people all over this campus that want nothing more than to see you succeed. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

The journey of earning a college degree is one of the best experiences that a person can have, and Iowa State is the best place that a person can take that journey. So, even when you’re working hard one evening on an assignment that’s due at 11:59pm on Blackboard, know that you’re on that journey toward a larger goal—and that you’re becoming a better person with every step.

Spencer Hughes


Government of the Student Body