Letter from the Editor: A Call for Summer Columnists

Will Chleborad, a senior in industrial design, writes about overcommitment and priorities. 

Will Chleborad, a senior in industrial design, writes about overcommitment and priorities. 

Will Chleborad

This is a first for me. Never before have I written an opinion piece to be published anywhere, nor have I shared my words or opinions for all to see at their own convenience.

I have to admit, it’s scary but also fulfilling. Sure, it can be vulnerable, open and risky, but at least you don’t have to hold it in. That’s what I’ve discovered that this is about.

You no longer have to sit on how you would like to express yourself. If you take the chance, at the end of the day, you at least know the outcome of your expression instead of sitting there and wondering about all the possibilities.

Being vulnerable while writing is perfectly fine. Not everyone will understand your viewpoint, and not everyone will agree with it. The most important part is that you are getting what you want to express out there for other people to see, and therefore you’re making that leap of faith.

Writing opinion pieces gives you an opportunity to express yourself in a very public manner. You have your own personal opinions on matters, and many others who have not spoken publicly may agree or disagree. It’s simply a matter of challenging people to step out of their comfort zones and speak for themselves as well.

This is why I joined the Daily this summer; to help others express themselves and their voices.

The Daily is currently looking for opinion columnists for this summer. Like me, this is a fantastic opportunity to express yourself differently and use your voice in our community. Opinion pieces can be about anything that strikes your interest (within the rules of opinion). Summer is supposed to be laid back and relaxed, and that’s what the Daily has planned for column writing schedules.

Another opportunity that writing opinion pieces for the Daily introduces is joining the editorial board. As a member of the editorial board, you collaborate with other writers and journalists at the Daily to jointly write opinion pieces as a staff. This is a great way to educate yourself on current issues around our community and world, as well as formulate an opinion about them.

If you have any interest or questions about the Daily staff and or joining for the summer, direct them towards [email protected]

You have the chance to discover yourself through creative expression this summer, just like me. I hope to hear from you soon.