Grilling safety tips

Beau Berkley

Nothing evokes the familiar sights and smells of summer like lighting a grill. Grilling is a staple of the summer season, but making sure it is done safely is essential for a good time.

Grill in a safe location: Make sure to place the grill on a flat surface to avoid tipping. Also avoid fences, shrubs or decks and make sure to cook in a location that has good ventilation, but little wind.

When using charcoal: Do not add lighter fluid to hot coals in order to get the flames going. This could cause the flames to travel up the lighter fluid stream. Always make sure to use mitts or tongs if you need to adjust the grill grate or coals.

When using gas: Make sure to clear any blockage in the tubes leading into the burner. Bugs and grease are common sources of tube blocking, which can lead to a fire or explosion. Check hoses for cracks or any signs of a leak before turning the gas on.

Clean up: Close the lid and all vents to allow the grill to cool down or the coals to burn out. When disposing of charcoal, make sure the briquettes are completely burned out and dispose of them in a non-combustible container. Make sure to clean the grease from the grate so it is ready to go for next time.