Go bold with this summer’s fashions

Choose bold shades for the poolside.

Mary Kate Knabel

After a long, bitter and lackluster winter, summer is here, and the change of season brings new trends worth noticing. Summer days serve as a fashion show of the newest craze in trends and street style. With the last collections having been sent down the runway and influential celebrity wardrobes photographed, summer 2013’s trends have been spotted.

Three important trends will place as frontrunners for this summer’s fashion race: high-waisted bikinis, bold sunglasses and platform sandals. Each trend is worth the fashion risk, so step out of that comfort zone and go for it.

Following the footsteps of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, the high-waisted bikini elegantly amplifies basic swimwear. Summer calls for daring moves in fashion, and swapping basic bottoms for this elegant silhouette is the perfect change. Be brave and try this fashion-forward waistline — it is a guarantee this new trend won’t go unnoticed.

Basic tortoise shell and black sunglasses are old news. This summer’s trend report calls for brightly colored shades in bold shapes. Leave the boring shades behind and amplify the eye protection. The bolder they are, the more people will wonder who is behind them.

A little extra height never hurts. The basic sandal rises up with the newest launch of platform sandals for summer 2013. Forget classic styles of sandals and wedges; platform sandals take summer shoes to a new level.

This season’s trends stand out from the rest. They are perfect for any stylish girl. Summer weather brings the bold and brave out to conquer the fashion world. Be one of those people. Try something adventurous. Trade in basic swimwear for a high-waisted bikini, ditch old shades for a vibrant new pair, and step up in a pair of platform sandals. The reward is in the fashion risk.