Drake’s “Care Package” packs plenty of nostalgia

Put away the bootleg MP3’s, and stop scouring Soundcloud because a few of Drake’s most popular unofficial tracks are now available across streaming platforms. 

The songs come in the form of “Care Package,” a compilation album which Drake announced on Instagram, Friday. The rapper shared a picture with the quote “Some of our most important moments together available in one place.”

The 17-song album eats up just over an hour of time and spans an entire decade of Drake’s work. With the oldest songs on the album being released in 2010, just after the release of his debut album. The album covers an extensive amount of time and offers an interesting glimpse into the progression of Drake’s style, career and voice. 

“Care Package” came as a surprise to fans, but in reality, it shouldn’t have been too shocking. Drake has been rolling hot for the entire decade that “Care Package” covers, but 2019 has been an exceptional year for the Canadian rapper. Drake re-released his mixtape “So Far Gone” in February. In addition, his hometown NBA team — the Toronto Raptors — won the NBA Finals in June. This prompted Drake to release “The Best In The World Pack,” which features “Money in the Grave (featuring Rick Ross)” and “Omertá.” In the midst of all action, it only made sense for Drake to keep fans tuned in through the release of some much-needed material. 

The album’s artwork hearkens back to Drake’s “Degrassi” days when he drove a 2004 Acura TSX. The cover features the front end of a similar vehicle surrounded by a black background and serves as even more of a throwback to Drake’s early days as a musician. 

The newest song on the album was released in 2016, and heavy hitters such as J. Cole, Rick Ross and James Fauntleroy are featured on the album. At this juncture in Drake’s career, it only makes sense for the artist to make his earlier works more accessible, given how nostalgic his fanbase has been known to be. 

“Paris Morton Music” and “I Get Lonely” stand as the oldest songs on the album, but they play like they were released yesterday. Unlike his latest projects, most songs on “Care Package” bring vibes akin to “Marvins Room.” That’s right, by vibes I mean tears. Songs on the album feature toned-down tempos and sport an R&B feel. 

The rapper said the songs on the album were inspired by his craving for companionship during the early 2010’s when he was on the come-up. 

“I’m envious of friends of mine that have great committed relationships,” Drake said in an MTV News interview. “When people call home to check on their girl or they say, ‘I’m not going to go out tonight. I’m just going to spend the night with my girl.’ That hits me, man. I just don’t have that.”