Game Review: Nintendo Land

Devin Pacini

Nintendo Land is a theme park themed game for Nintendo’s newest console the WiiU. The game itself consists of several different games that can all be accessed from a main area. It was made with the intention of being able to show off some of the WiiU’s new functions as a console similar to how Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort were made to show off motion controls and Motion Plus controls. However, even though it was made with the intention of being able to show off the WiiU’s features it doesn’t lack in fun and interactive gameplay.

To start you play as one of your Miis. You’re dropped into an area with the doors tot he games that are available and you simply choose the ones you want to play. The first thing you’ll notice while playing the games is that the entire “park” seems to be made out of fabric. The atheistic is kind of odd since not many people think of theme parks being made out of cloth but it works and looks really nice. The game also does a good job at sounding nice. The music and sounds work well and the simplicity of the games keeps you going back for more even after you’ve played them a couple dozen times.

However this game does get way better when you invite friends to play it with you. Other players use the wiimotes (and nunchuks) to play which is nice for people like me who already have some from the Wii. Multiplayer is really fun and easy to cycle through. The game has a feature to automatically shuffle who’s on the gamepad for the games allowing everyone to take turns without bickering. Also the games are all interesting and for the most part all different. The game themes also add tot he atheistic of the game and it’s fun to be able to talk with your friends about things you notice from the different games.

It’s ultimately fun and addicting to play. I’m actually having trouble trying to convey how the experience actually is because it wasn’t until I actually played the game that I even understood it well. It’s once again proof that Nintendo tries to focus on fun gameplay no matter what they’re working on (even when it’s supposed to be a game that shows off features). However, I don’t know whether to believe that the game itself is fun because Nintendo focused on that or if the features of the WiiU are just fun to play with. Either way I have a blast with this game. It’s a really fun game that gets better when you add in friends and makes me excited to see how Nintendo uses the WiiU with their brand series.