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Lissandra Villa

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), a center on Iowa State’s campus that helps develop more effective teaching techniques amongst the faculty, has narrowed down the search for a new Associate Director for Online Learning to two candidates: Ralph Napolitano and 
Annette O’Connor.


Open forums will be hosted this week for each of the candidates at Morrill Hall in room 2030. The forums will be open to the public.


The first of these will be on Tuesday Jan. 15, 2013, and will go from 11 to 11:40.


Ralph Napolitano, who is a professor in materials science and engineering at Iowa State, will be the first to be interviewed.


Annette O’Connor, a professor in vet diagnostics and production of animal medicine, will have her own open forum on Thursday Jan. 17, 2013 and will also go from 11 to 11:40.