Don’t sweat it: finding flattering gym clothes

Kayla Kienzle

Why hide the body you’ve worked hard for under unflattering gym attire?  Chances are, when you go to the gym looking great, you’ll want to put more into your workout. 

Proper-fitting attire is important for every event and location, so why leave the gym out? When it comes to building a workout wardrobe, it’s important to choose clothes that are flattering. The more confident and comfortable you are with what you’re wearing, the more you can focus on your workout, and not what everyone around you is thinking — and trust me, they’re not worried about how fast you’re running. Here’s the best gear for every body shape.

Pear: Wear lighter colors on top to draw the eye up.  Try to stay away from loud-colored tights or pants.  Plain, solid-colored bottoms are the way to go for more coverage.  Jackets that are tailored at the waist show off your hourglass figure.  Try the Spry Jacket from Asics.  It’s lightweight and retails for $70.  Find it online at

Apple:  Opt for loose tops that cinch, which will define your waistline but conceal a tummy.  Fitted capris and tights are essential for flattering legs.  Go for bold tights or shorts to draw attention to your toned legs.  Nike Engineered Print Women’s Running Tights offer attention-grabbing details, but also use dri-fit technology and flat-seam construction, which increases comfort.  Find them online at for $130.

Triangle:  If you’re a triangle, a sturdy sports bra is a must.  A sturdy sports bra or tank with a low neckline will play on your assets.  Although a necessity, don’t go for boring when choosing workout gear for the gym.  Try Reebok Women’s ZigFuel Long Bra Sleveless Top.  It has a peekaboo cut and comes in bright colors, perfect for playing up your features.  Find it online at for $55.

Look good at the gym, and who knows?  Maybe you’ll want to stay there even longer.