Letter to the editor: Christie Vilsack grasping at straws

Jenifer Bowen

Christie Vilsack’s attempted straw man argument on contraception against Congressman Steve King is a great way to avoid talking about how she has failed Iowans.

As director of Planned Parenthood’s “Healthy Families” campaign in 2008, Christie succeeded in squeezing another $750,000 out of Iowa taxpayers to feed Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, Iowa’s biggest abortion machine. This on top of $5 million annually Planned Parenthood in Iowa was already milking out of taxpayers. Funny Christie doesn’t mention that on her campaign website.

As head of the Iowa Initiative to reduce unintended pregnancies from 2007 to ’11, Christie was able to funnel even more funds to Planned Parenthood. Not surprising, since her board was stacked with Planned Parenthood board members. Planned Parenthood returned the favor by donating to Christie’s campaign. In fact, pro-abortion Emily’s List called Christie “a promising candidate,” but her campaign website left off that honor, too.

The Iowa Initiative failed Iowans with the silly “Avoid the Stork” campaign, which underhandedly targeted prepubescent children with sexual information from a costumed stork mascot — think “Joe Camel” — in print ads, billboards and TV commercials. Children who log on to the Iowa Initiative’s Stork website even today are treated to cartoon images, including one mocking a popular Christian image of praying hands, which tells of the “Pull N’ Pray” method of birth control.

Christie Vilsack’s “Avoid the Stork” mirrored a failed federally-funded campaign from the 1970s, “Stop the Stork,” which cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Christie’s Iowa Initiative has been great for Planned Parenthood, which has increased its abortions from 4,401 in 2007 to 4,792 in 2009 (the last year Planned Parenthood provided stats for Iowa abortions alone) and doubled its abortion locations in Iowa from seven to 15.

Christie Vilsack’s has failed Iowans and her false contraception straw man against Steve King looks more like she is grasping at straws.