Goeser: Opinions should be constructive


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Opinion: Goeser 9/14

Ana Goeser

In the wake of the presidential election, football season and the present day in general, something needs to be understood by everyone with an opinion: Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.

Don’t get me wrong: I love a good rivalry or a well-articulated debate. The Iowa vs. Iowa State game wouldn’t be the same without some good-natured heckling. All in fun, right? Not so much, when my Facebook newsfeed has turned into a battleground of loud opinions, foul language and rude comments between so called “friends” of different sentiments. In other words, I would rather read a status of Iowa State school spirit instead of an “I hate the Hawkeyes” rant.

This concept transfers to the presidential election as well. I would rather listen to someone speak about the reasons they agree with their candidate of choice rather then rip apart the one they disagree with. I can’t be the only one who is sick of presidential commercial ads. There isn’t one person in this world that doesn’t have a skeleton in their closet; comparing skeletons merely fuels resentment.

Freedom of speech is my favorite protected right, and I uphold everyone should use it to speak his or her opinions loudly. However, because of this, talk is cheap and everyone has something to say. Just look at the overabundance of blogs on the Internet or scroll through your Twitter feed, and you’ll find something you disagree with. So disagree. But disagree with reason, respect and class. Offhand, negative commentaries with no backing need to be avoided.

College campuses are similar to a team, and ISU students should be thrilled that theirs is so diverse. We work together to build resumes, gather knowledge, share ideas and bring value to the college experience. We’re the next generation of our country and need to begin realizing the importance of teamwork and unity across different schools of thought.

What does teamwork mean? It means questioning each other’s opinions in order to bring development, as well as supporting opinion-making in general. I’m going to take it further and say opinions stated in a rude way can hinder success. While many people have a tough skin and can bounce back from rude comments, others take these opinions seriously. People aren’t motivated to speak their mind if they feel threatened by their peers.

The progression of our country and classroom is harmed when people deal poorly with contrasting opinions, as well as when people don’t share their perspectives at all.

Whether you’re reading a controversial blog, making a Facebook status, or speaking about something you are passionate about, take a step back before you state your opinion. I think that people forget that we are all in the same boat in one way or another:

At Iowa State, we are all trying to get a degree and launch a successful career path. So don’t bash on the budding photojournalist’s picture or the kid who asks a lot of questions in psychology class. Take one for the team.

In the United States, we are all trying to continue our nation’s success while simultaneously living the American dream. So don’t bash on the government while sitting at home on your blog. Instead propose a solution, support a locally owned business, volunteer, and motivate others to do the same.

In the world we are all trying to bring meaning to our lives. Don’t criticize people of a different religion and call them ignorant. Promote your belief system and treat others with love.

Students need to use their time in college to find a passion, become opinionated, view perspectives, and run with it. However, they shouldn’t bring others down while doing so.