Need to know: Activewear dos and dont’s

Angela Christianson

The gym is a great place to get rid of some stress and tone those muscles, but beware: there have been many a fashion don’t spotted at Lied Recreation Center. Make sure you’re not one of them by following a few quick tips.

Do wear bright sports bras, it’s okay to let them peek out of your tank.

Don’t wear denim to the gym. Ever. Or clogs. Think function over form.

Do pull you hair back. You can find tons of stylish and functional headbands and elastics at Target or Wal-Mart.

Don’t show up at the gym at 7 a.m. with full make-up. It will all run off and clog your pores, and everyone will know you did it just for the gym.

Do take caution when wearing cut offs. They are a comfortable and affordable alternative to expensive work-out gear, but make sure it still qualifies as a shirt. If its simply a cotton sling thrown over a sports bra, consider something a little less revealing.

Don’t worry too much about how you look. After all, you go to the gym to be healthy and feel good, so enjoy that work out! (…Just don’t wear denim!)