Letter to the editor: Is Iowa State better today?

Is Iowa State better today than it was two short years ago? The question seems simple, but let’s honestly evaluate it. Two years ago, with a Democratic governor and State Legislature, did students see increased support and greater accountability within higher education?

The answer is a resounding “no.” Today we have seen the first increase in state appropriations for public higher education in four years. Recently the Board of Regents pledged to keep tuition flat if the state continues to invest in the three public universities. We now have hope for a bright future at Iowa State, with a new vision from President  Steven Leath and an altered, positive course of funding set forth by the Board of Regents.

No doubt Bruce Rastetter has been an influential part of these positive changes. Yet it is a little ironic the Daily has spent the better part of the last year trashing Bruce Rastetter and his efforts to bring about positive change to the Regents system for the sake of future generations of Iowans. 

Rastetter has been, and always will be, passionate about higher education, and he will be the first to put his money where his mouth is, having contributed significantly to all three public universities.

So, I ask you again: Is Iowa State better today than it was two years ago? 

I think the answer is “yes.” This one’s for you, Iowa State Daily, if it’s not above your pride, thank a regent, and, maybe more importantly, Bruce Rastetter.