Teamwork seals the deal for women’s golf team

Kristin Peterson

It took teamwork, determination and a strong finish for the ISU women’s golf team to clinch a first-place trophy at the first meet of the season.

The Branch Law Dick McGuire Invitational presented a chance for Iowa State to see how it stacks up against many different teams.

The invitational was won by Iowa State by just one stroke.

“It’s a good way to start and show our players how important each shot can be since we won by just one shot,” said coach Christie Martens after leaving the meet.

ISU golfer Prima Phuntumabamrung was pleased with the team’s first win of the year as well. 

“I think it went really well, the field was quite strong and we were all so close together. Just to be able to pull everything together and win was really great,” said Prima Thammaraks.

This team victory put a boost of confidence in ISU women’s golf player Punpaka Phuntumabamrung.

“Well, I think we all feel confident because we played such great golf. We did not play perfect but we did very good,” Phuntumabamrung said.

Although the four veteran players had some experience with this course, freshman Cajsa Persson showed that as a new member she could still help the team.

Persson played a very consistent game as she shot three rounds of 73, setting her even with par and placing her tied for sixth individually.

“Overall, everyone did very solid. Our Freshman, Cajsa, did really well,” Phuntumabamrung said.

The team needed an extra push for victory in the final round as they sat in third place at the end of the first day.

“We really had a good finish. We had some ups and downs but finishing strong and staying so tough throughout [helped make the victory possible],” Martens said.

A strong finish by the team’s two juniors, Sasikarn On-iam and Thammaraks, helped deliver that extra push.

“Our two juniors made some really good comebacks,” Phuntumabamrung said, “[Thammaraks] sank a birdie at the end helping us to win.”

Phuntumabamrung stressed the importance of a strong meet from all the members in order to win.

“I think we did a really good job with teamwork,” Phuntumabamrung said.

The team now prepares for their next meet in Glenview, Ill. Coach Martens said they have the week off to prepare before leaving for their next tournament.

“It’s a really good course and it should be great for us,” Martens said.

On Oct. 1-2 in Glenview, the ISU women’s golf team competes at the Windy City Collegiate Classic.