How to not look like a freshman

We’re all guilty of it when we begin college. Walking on campus and looking like a freshman. Well you are in luck, because this is your fast guide on how to not like a freshman during your freshman year in college.

Top Freshman Mistakes

The drawstring backpack and lanyard combo. Yes, it’s awesome to be given free things, especially when you are in college; however, some things should just put. When other people see you packing these around, we’re aware you are freshman status.

The freshman T-shirt. If you don’t know the fight song when you arrive on campus, trust me you will by the end of your first year at Iowa State. After your first football game, you will know the fight song. So no need to wear the shirt all over campus. However, it works as a pajama shirt or even a possible Halloween costume.

Dressing up for class. You’re no longer in high school. You don’t have to dress to impress your classmates. You can wear sweats and a hoody and you will be fine. Now I’m not saying don’t shower — no one wants to sit by anyone who doesn’t have proper hygiene. However, I’m telling you can relax on how you look for class.

Wearing your high school class shirts or letter jacket from high school. 

We’re aware you graduated high school. 

If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be a student here. 

However, you don’t need to be a walking billboard for your high school. You are in college now — it’s okay to leave that stuff in the closet sometimes.

Wearing your backpack during the weekends on Campustown. 

It’s pretty much a bull’s-eye for the police and upperclassmen that are out to know you’re a freshman. Yes, the backpack seems perfect to carry your alcohol in, but no one is oblivious to what is actually inside the backpack.

Carrying a huge map around on campus. The last thing you want to look like is lost. Have no fear. We have all been there, but there are ways around this. The day before classes begin, go around by yourself or with some friends and map out where your classes are. By the end of the year you will know the shortcuts. The campus may seem big and impossible to maneuver but as many ISU students have found out, it’s not.

Testimonies from ISU students

If you don’t want to take my word for it, the following are fellow classmates who have experienced freshman year and have lived through it.

Here is what fellow students have to say about spotting freshmen from a mile away.

“They wear those string backpacks they get at orientation,” said Ashley Zupp, junior in hospitality management. “They walk around on the weekends with backpacks for their booze, and they wander around with their maps completely open.”

Kati Murray, senior in exercise science, said she can spot a freshman by the map they hold, their ISU lanyard and orientation bag and by looking to see how dressed up they are.

“Carrying around bookbags on weekend nights in Campustown,” said Melissa Krepsley, senior in elementary education when asked how she is able to spot a freshman.

“[I can tell the person is a freshman by] lanyards, freshman backpacks, CyRide schedule, pulling the string at transfer spots on the bus, bringing books to class, chasing after the bus and wearing a backpack after hours,” said Amanda Peeper, senior in English.

Miguel Rangel, sophomore in civil engineering, said he knows the person is a freshman when they are walking around with a map and asking people their majors every time they meet someone new.

“[I can tell the person is a freshman when they are] wearing their dorm’s keys with their IDs around their neck,” said Jordan Ganeff, senior in agriculture business.

These are just the most obvious ways to be a walking advertisement that you are, in fact, a freshman. If the testimonies weren’t convincing enough, there are still other ways to survive your freshman year.

You can even purchase how-to books for your freshman year. 

A book that helped me my freshman year is “How to Survive Your Freshman Year” by Mark Bernstein and Yadin Kaufman.

The book has chapters on topics such as moving from home, how to get involved, laundry, cooking, what to wear tips, dating advice and more.

It’s an easy read and it’s interesting because the stories are from former freshman who survived.

Just as I have survived and so have countless of other former freshman, so will you. 

Just have fun and enjoy the new adventure you are beginning in life.