13. Creation of 630 Club, Cyclone Club

Ashley Hunt



630 Club, Cyclone Club

The 630 Club was created after the Homecoming football game in 1946. 

After World War II, the football team encountered tough times an tough losses. During the war, the Cyclones had been aided by players from schools across the country came to the area for military training. 

Losing these players served as a challenge for the football team.

The 1946 Homecoming game was one of the toughest losses for the school. The Cyclones lost to Oklahoma 63-0. This game was a wake up call for Iowa State fans. 

Fans created the 630 club, which aimed to improve the program both financially and in spirt.

Eventually, the 630 Club evolved into today’s Cyclone Club, which today, is just below the membership requirements of being one of the top-five athletics donor programs in the Big 12.

The Cyclone Club is critical in helping finance Iowa State Athletics, with generous donations from its members.