Don’t be the fan nobody wants around

Jeremiah Davis

In my four years at Iowa State, I’ve attended my fair share of Cyclone sports events. At each of those events, I’ve witnessed plenty of Cyclone fans who are intelligent, passionate and even clever.

But as at every sporting event across the country, there are invariably those fans who ruin things for the rest. So for those incoming freshmen and transfer students, here are a few things not to do when you attend a game during your time as an ISU student.

Curse loudly and often

I don’t want to be your mom, but honestly, if you have to lower yourself to the f-word or any of the other seven dirty words you can’t say on television, you aren’t trying hard enough. Part of the fun of being a fan is getting to heckle the opponent, but simply shouting profanities is childish and easy.

Cursing loudly and often only makes you look bad, and makes those around you uncomfortable. I promise.

Trash the officials

This time-honored tradition is definitely not limited to Iowa State, but over the course of the last few years, blaming officials for the Cyclones’ problems has become commonplace. Trust me: just because a call didn’t go Iowa State’s way doesn’t make the call wrong or mean the official is out to get the Cyclones.

If you’ve ever reffed a game you know just how difficult and pressure-packed it is. They know the game much better than you do. They spend way more time studying the rules than you could ever hope to study for your classes.

Yes, there are some calls that are bad and I’m not saying to accept every single thing the refs do. But don’t be the guy or girl that is constantly starting the “Ref, you suck!” chant every time a call goes against the Cyclones.

Coach the team from the stands

As much as you hope you might be one day, you aren’t Paul Rhoads, Fred Hoiberg or Bill Fennelly. They know what they’re doing, so let them do it. Shouting from the stands to Scott Christopherson to play a certain way is simply annoying.

And I promise you they either don’t hear you or aren’t listening to you. Think about that for a second. Do you really think those players are going to listen to someone who’s never played in Division I or been a coach in Division I? Not a chance. So spare those around you and leave your coaching theories at home.

Be so drunk you can’t stand or speak clearly

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way discouraging drinking in general. Tailgating is something that Iowa State holds near and dear to its heart, and something Iowa Staters have become pretty good at.

But if you’re literally leaning on those around you and causing a scene, no one wants to be near you. Drinking an entire bottle of Southern Comfort before the game doesn’t make you cool, and neither does leaving it on the ground or the bleachers.

So yes, by all means, tailgate and have a great time. Just stay in the tailgate lots or in your yard if you can’t stand up straight.

These are just a few of the things I’ve noticed and couldn’t stand while at games myself. There are plenty other things fans do that annoy those around you, but the bottom line of it all is that people in attendance simply want to have a good time. Being the person who ruins that for others is far from desirable.

Go to games, have a great time. Give yourself a reputation as a fan that will make others happy you’re at the game with them.