Motion City Soundtrack to headline Veishea Friday night concert

Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack

Tyler Kingkade

Motion City Soundtrack made it to Iowa several times over the past few years, but not since the 2005 Freeman Spring Concert did it stop by Ames.

Releasing three albums since 2005, the band returns to Ames to headline the Friday night concert, making a stop off its tour with fun., “Sing It Loud and A Rocket To The Moon.”

Band members are Joshua CainJustin PierreJesse JohnsonMatthew Taylor and Tony Thaxton. Cain and Pierre are the only original members.

Motion City Soundtrack released an EP in 2008, “Even If It Kills Me Acoustic EP.” It released its fourth album, “My Dinosaur Life,” in January. It is the first album released on the Columbia record label.

What do you know about the band? Answers are at the bottom below the music video

1. Which member broke their arm on New Year’s Eve delaying the recording process for “My Dinosaur Life?”

A. Singer Justin Pierre

B. Guitarist Josh Cain

C. “Moogist” Jesse Johnson

D. Drummer Tony Thaxton

2. Jesse Johnson sometimes claims to be a “Moogist” — what the hell is a Moog?

A. A keyboard synthesizer which gives their signature sound

B. A tuba-like horned instrument

C. A species of head lice living in Pierre’s hair

D. Meditation similar to yoga

3. On which song does Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus make a guest vocalist appearance?

A. “Disappear”

B. “Invisible Monsters”

C. “The Future Freaks Me Out”

D. “Boombox Generation”

4. Who did the band release a split EP with in 2004?

A. Fall Out Boy

B. Sing It Loud

C. Matchbook Romance

D. Weezer

5. Which of the following bands did Josh Cain help produce an EP?

A. You, Me and Everyone We Know

B. A Rocket to the Moon

C. Farewell

D. Jimmy Eat World

6. Which of the following did MCS NOT make a music video for?

A. “My Favorite Accident”

B. “Fell In Love Without You”

C. “Resolution”

D. “L.G. Fuad”

7. What does “Motion City” represent?

A. The level from a Grand Theft Auto game they were addicted to

B. The nickname for their hometown

C. The name of a restaurant they met at

D. The name of a porn video they saw at a movie rental store

8. What was the venue the band always dreamed of playing at when they were younger?

A. The House of Blues

B. Madison Square Garden

C. Simon Estes Amphitheatre

D. First Avenue


1. D, 2. A, 3. B, 4. C, 5. A, 6. C, 7. B, 8. D