Editorial: A farewell for Oct. 21

Editorial Board

We, the Iowa State Daily Editorial Board, are taking this opportunity to wish all our readers a fond farewell. Since the world is scheduled to end tomorrow, on Oct. 21, we write this column in anticipation of the impending doom that awaits humanity. 

Most of you likely remember the May predictions earlier this year from Harold Camping. While the May 21 Rapture date was apparently only a “spiritual” rapture, this time the end of the world is for real. (His very first prediction of a 1994 rapture seems to have been wrong. Maybe he got it right the second time around…)

And unless you were saved at the first deadline, it looks like you are out of luck now. Harold Camping’s website asserts that “once the door…is shut on Judgement Day [May 21st, 2011], there is no more salvation possible on earth.” 

Since there’s no way for the millions of non-Christians around the globe to get to heaven, (or even those who became Christians after May) this means that there’s only one thing for the hell-bound to do: party like it’s the end of the world. (Or, you know, you could spend your final hours with family and friends. Both are viable options.) 

But the Editorial Board couldn’t leave without paying some respects. So we say our goodbyes to the students of Iowa State University, to some of our favorite online commenters, such as Steve Gregg and Rob Stone. Goodbye to our editors, writers, photographers and web designers. Thank you to all the professors that have taught us in these halls. It’s unfortunate that we will never be able to utilize that 4-year degree we were working towards.

Despite the assumption that we are all doomed, perhaps there is a silver lining to all of this: If the world collapses into flaming chaos on Friday, we probably won’t have to suffer through a crushing defeat by Texas A&M in Saturday’s Homecoming game. 

Harold Camping arrived at his apocalyptic prediction through a lot of fancy number crunching, but in the off chance that he forgot to carry a ten when he was calculating the end of days, the Iowa State Daily Editorial Board bids you a good day and will hopefully continue publication as normal tomorrow. 

And if you find that you are still alive on the 21st, then Harold Camping was probably wrong again, and we can all pretend to be surprised.