Gridiron Picks — Week 5

Gridiron Picks — Week 5

Jeremiah Davis, Sports Editor (20-8)

Jake Calhoun, Asst. Sports Editor (17-11)

Dan Tracy, senior sports reporter (20-8)

Jake Lovett, editor-in-chief (22-6)

Austen Arnaud, former ISU quarterback, Guest Pick (8-6)

No. 17 Texas vs. Iowa State

Jeremiah Davis: Texas — Mack Brown once coached at Iowa State. That does not mean he has fond memories of the Cyclones. He might run away forever if the Longhorns lose Saturday.

Jake Calhoun: Iowa State — “Iowa State will never beat Texas in my lifetime.” – Professor Bulla last year the day before Iowa State beat Texas. But seriously, we miss you, Bulla.

Dan Tracy: Texas — UT nearly buried the Big 12 and they’ll bury Iowa State if the Cyclones don’t limit mistakes and score points early and often.

Jake Lovett: Texas — If Steele Jantz pulls this one off, you’ll see his statue going up outside Jack Trice Stadium within the week.

Austen Arnaud: Iowa State — Tough environment for young QB’s from UT, especially against a tough ISU defense. Whatever teams runs the ball better is the factor.

No. 8 Nebraska vs. No. 7 Wisconsin

Davis: Nebraska — I was in Lincoln last weekend. While there I was threatened twice by Bo Pelini. First for not playing the mini-golf course fast enough, and the second for implying that his rage will kill him.

Calhoun: Wisconsin — The lamb that Bo Pelini brutally sacrifices before this game won’t do the Cornhuskers any good.

Tracy: Wisconsin — Fun fact: “Jump Around” was actually written about the movement of Bo Pelini’s forehead veins.

Lovett: Wisconsin — Camp Randall Stadium will be loud enough, Taylor Martinez won’t be able to hear Bo Pelini’s yelling.

Arnaud: Wisconsin — Another shame on ABC for having this game of the week (LSU vs WVU), Wisconsin has their way with a suspect Nebraska defense.

No. 14 Texas A&M vs. No. 18 Arkansas

Davis: Arkansas — The Razorbacks will give the Aggies a good glimpse at their future. Bets on how quick A&M begs the Big 12 to take them back?

Calhoun: Texas A&M — Mike Sherman’s players have finally stopped asking him what Brett Favre is like in person.

Tracy: Texas A&M — Hog + Aggie = Hoagie. The Aggies offense is bread for success, the Razorbacks’ defense meats their maker on Saturday and this pick was cheesy.

Lovett: Arkansas — These two could soon rule the SEC. You know, when ‘Bama and LSU stop being, well, ‘Bama and LSU.

Arnaud: Texas A&M — A&M will run establish the run early and often. Aggies will make the Hogs squeal Suuhh-WEEE.

No. 3 Alabama vs. No. 12 Florida

Davis: Alabama — Where’s Tim Tebow when you need him? Oh that’s right. Church. And in Denver.

Calhoun: Alabama — Will Muschamp will have a lot of success as the UF coach, but he’ll be as red as Bo Pelini when the Crimson Tide rolls the Gators like the waves of Hurricane Saban.

Tracy: Alabama — Trent Richardson is the best player in the SEC since Tim Tebow and Tim Tebow is the best human being in the world since Jesus.

Lovett: Alabama — This will be Gainsville’s darkest day A.T. (After Tim)

Arnaud: Alabama — This game will be an old school SEC defensive football game, tougher team in the trenches wins. Roll Tide

No. 13 Clemson vs. No. 11 Virginia Tech

Davis: Virginia Tech — Clemson beat an FSU squad that gave Oklahoma fits, but can they go into Blacksburg and win? I don’t think so.

Calhoun: Clemson — The Tigers looked impressive in taking down higher-ranking Florida State last week, but can they do the same on the road? I still like Dabo’s chances.

Tracy: Clemson — I know in this town that a certain Mr. Jantz is the favorite No. 2 but my favorite college football player to watch right now is Clemson true freshman wide receiver Sammy Watkins.

Lovett: Virginia Tech — Beamer’s club is too tough in Blacksburg. Tigers aren’t ready for two straight big wins.

Arnaud: Virginia Tech — First true road test for Clemson, close one but Tech wins. Beamer Ball (special teams) will be the difference.

No. 15 Baylor vs. Kansas State

Davis: Baylor — No, Bill Snyder, your eyes aren’t that bad (okay, maybe they are), Robert Griffin is in fact that quick.

Calhoun: Baylor — Bill Snyder’s expedition of auditing retirement homes in Miami went better than expected, but RG3 will end his good mood… That is, if Snyder can stay awake.

Tracy: Kansas State — Drinks are on Billy Boy at the Manhattan Bingo Hall after the game.

Lovett: Baylor — Bill Snyder is old enough to be RG3’s great-great-great grandfather.

Arnaud: Baylor — K State will slow down RG III, but Baylor has too much offensive power in this conference opener. No place I HATE more than the Little Apple.

Kentucky vs. No. 1 LSU

Davis: LSU — Cannot deny that I’d be perfectly happy if we all got this one wrong.

Calhoun: LSU — I always forget that Kentucky is in the SEC.

Tracy: LSU — I have no desire to watch Kentucky football unless 6’3 288-pound former Wildcats quarterback Jared Lorenzen has some eligibility left.

Lovett: LSU — This is my upset spec… Haha. Did you see that? I couldn’t even say it. No, but seriously, not even close.

Arnaud: LSU — Kentucky’s loss at home against UF was a bloodbath, now they play LSU and next week South Carolina… Good Luck. Is it basketball season yet?