Presidential committee continues to search for candidates


ISU President Gregory Geoffroy

Mary-Kate Burkert

The future president of Iowa State and the future dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are expected to fulfill expectations and deliver excellence both in leadership and academics. The university’s prospective leaders hail from both coasts, and some from Big Ten and other Big 12 schools, in hopes of being a Cyclone.

The committee in search of the dean for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is actively searching. Last spring, it participated in two open forums in which faculty, staff, students and alumni were present to provide goals and issues to address and the characteristics they hoped to see in the future dean. After advertising in online and print media, nominations and applications came flooding in. Out of 35 nominations, 25 applications were sent in to Iowa State.

“The dean is responsible for recruiting, retaining, and advancing,” said Jonathan Wickert, dean of the College of Engineering. “[The dean] has to understand that the strength of the college comes from all aspects and programs. It is imperative that the future dean brings together and builds up the diverse programs.”

Iowa State is one of the nation’s leading land-grant institutions, and in regards to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, with 7,400 students in 22 departments, it is the university’s largest college.

A clip of the expectations and qualifications determined by the dean search committee, according to the official job description, reads, “Candidates are expected to have fiscal and administrative experience in a complex academic organization and the skill set necessary to be a strong and effective fundraiser on behalf of the college.”

Wickert added, “We have a strong pool of applicants. This position is desirable because the college is nationally known for its excellent programs. The top people have applied, and I am very excited by it.”

As for the presidential search, 30 applications have been received.

“We have a very strong diverse group,” said Labh Hira, dean of the College of Business. “Some are from Big Ten schools, others from Big 12. Applicants are coming from the East to West Coast for this position.”

There are three categories included in the search process: interviews, further discussion and no further consideration. The presidential committee, which was appointed by the Board of Regents, consists of 18 members. All committee members will attend and partake in an open discussion after all applications have been reviewed.

“The pool of presidential candidates is of very good quality,” Hira said. “I am looking forward to the committee discussions and to the hour-long open forum, which will be held on campus as the final decision-making draws near. Students, faculty, staff and alumni are encouraged to attend, and details about the forum will be announced in advance.”