Iowa State heads to Minneapolis to face No. 22 Milwaukee, Georgia

Dylan Montz

After defeating a top-25 ranked team last weekend, Iowa State will have the opportunity to repeat that success this weekend at the Minnesota Invitational in Minneapolis, Minn.

This time, the Cyclones (3-0-1) will face the No. 22 Milwaukee in the first ever meeting between the two schools on Friday at 4:30 p.m. The Panthers are 4-0 on the season so far and ISU coach Wendy Dillinger says that the Cyclones will not be taking this game lightly.

“They’re tough. They have a couple talented players and a really talented forwards and they are dynamic. It is going to be a battle and probably be our toughest game yet,” Dillinger said.

Milwaukee is off to its’ first 4-0 start for the first time since 2008 led by strong play from freshman forward Kelly Lewers who provides a scoring threat. Lewers has recorded two game winning goals on the season so far.

ISU sophomore midfielder Margaret Powers says however that the success last weekend has brought a strong confidence in what the team is capable of accomplishing together.

“[Last weekend] was very good for our confidence because in the past we’ve played a lot of ranked teams pretty close, but to actually take them down was so exciting for the whole team,” Powers said.

Sophomore forward Jennifer Dominguez also said the win against Washington gave the team a desire to better themselves anytime they are on the field, whether that be in a game or at practice. 

“Team chemistry has been really great both on and off the field and the win boosted our confidence to keep going,” Dominguez said. “It was great to see that what we do in training actually replicate on the field for 90 minutes.”

Iowa State’s focus this past practice week has been to work without the ball as well as continue to put 90 minutes of complete effort into the games. Dillinger also added that there are some offensive areas that the Cyclones need to focus on.

“We need to do a better job of getting behind the other team’s back line and our final pass needs to be better,” Dillinger said. “Some of the timings of the runs in the box could be better. We had some opportunities [last] weekend but our midfielders kind of overran the ball. So we will work more on timing and the layers of depth as we attack the box.”

Next up on Iowa State’s schedule is Georgia. The Bulldogs (1-2-0) are having some early struggles this season but had a 3-1 win in their season opener against Furman. Senior Jamie Pollock, sophomore Madeline Barker, and sophomore Nicole Locandro were the three players to score in that victory.

Iowa State will face Georgia on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. to finish out its’ part in the Minnesota Invitational.