How to decorate a dorm room

Bring the Essentials, but make them your own.

It’ s great to have the mindset of bringing only what you’ ll need. But, it’s also best to pack along the things from your room that are going to show people on your floor who you are.

Bring along your favorite books, movies and any other hobbies you enjoy. If you like video games, bring your gaming system. If you’re quite the knitter, bring your needles and yarn. Don’ t think that you need everything from your house, as too much clutter will make your room look messy and you’ll constantly feel unorganized.

Make those white walls all about you.

Posters are an easy way to express your interests, but try not to plaster one next to another on your wall. If you come with posters, or attend the semi-annual poster sale on campus, pick different sizes and balance the number of posters to the size of space you’ re applying them to. Finding simple black or brown frames to put your posters in is a great way to make your space more modern.


No matter which building you live in next year, chances are you’ re most likely going to have only one window letting in a tiny bit of natural light. The overhead lights are usually an awkward florescent yellow, so additional lighting is key. Mixing and matching your lamp bases and shades and adding a floor lamp in the corner instantly makes your room comfortable for both hanging out and studying.

Organizing, Organizing, Organizing.

One way to organize yourself is doubling furniture as storage. Most of the rooms have lofted beds. Depending on your space, setting a futon or chair underneath is an easy way to open up the room. If you like your to have your own space, slide your desk and dresser under your bed. Finding a simple ottoman that doubles as storage is ideal for odds and ends. Also, once you’ re here, position your books, printer, laptop, and personal items on top of your dresser or desk in a way that looks neat and orderly.


The one real area you have a say over is the bedding and curtains in your room. Mix prints and solids when picking out your bedding and throw pillows. Find a simple curtain that adds interest to the room.

Remember not to pick every color under the rainbow. If you find yourself grabbing a multitude of colors, make sure to add some neutrals to balance them out. Try negotiating with your roommate ahead of time so your styles and color schemes can coexist in harmony.