VEISHEA Village showcases campus organizations, Ames community


File photo: Kelsey Kremer/Iowa State Daily

The ISU Cyclone Swing Society perform as part of the VEISHEA Village stage performances April 16, 2010, on Central Campus.

Amy Thompson

VEISHEA Village is and integral part of VEISHEA celebrations, but most people don’t know how much work goes into setting up and preparing for the big day.

Jonathan Sukup and Stephanie Rupp are chairpersons for VEISHEA Village, and on the day of the parade, both will be up at around 3 a.m., talking with clubs and committees in order to get everything ready.

“VEISHEA Village is like a best kept secret for VEISHEA. People know that it’s going on, but few know what’s going on,” Sukup said.

VEISHEA Village is as old as the VEISHEA celebration itself. It first started off as just a college thing, but quickly evolved to a large open house event as more people started getting interested. There are awards given for the most creative display, the most educational display and most inspirational exhibit.

Sukup and Rupp are in charge of multiple things, including VEISHEA Village, the VEISHEA International Food Fair, Campus Showcase, Cy’s Bigtop and Ames Neighborhood.

Even though the deadline has passed, anyone is able to apply to be a part of VEISHEA Village. There are about 75 participants in VEISHEA Village this year, Sukup said.

“The village is very important. There are good exhibits with everything from the Medieval Recreations Club to the Cyclone Martial Arts Club,” Sukup said.

For the chairpersons, the most time consuming thing is all of the paperwork. Sukup and Rupp have to work closely with risk management, especially when it is concerning the club that is going to have a catapult.

The entomology club seems to be the club that needed the most risk management, Sukup said. The club will have an Insect zoo, including Giant Walkingsticks in a hands-on insect display. There will also be a butterfly conservation display and a live cockroach dissection on TV. Risk management had to work closely with this club to draft up a specific waiver, in case the cockroaches were to infect anything with their larva.

A lot of people get Campus Showcase and the Taste of VEISHEA confused, considering they happen at the same time. But they are two separated entities. Campus Showcase takes place across the sidewalk from the Taste of VEISHEA and, as the title states, it showcases the different colleges from the university.

The VEISHEA International Food Fair is an event that has been long-standing for the celebration. It is put on by the International Student Council, and they put in a lot of work to make it an amazing culinary feat. There will be food from all around the world available for taste-testing.

Cy’s Bigtop is where clubs can set up booths and play carnival games with the guests and Ames Neighborhood is targeted to Ames businesses so they can partake in VEISHEA activities as well. Both are only open Saturday, with the same hours of VEISHEA Village.

“VEISHEA Village is a great event and has a lot to offer. There is something for everyone,” Rupp said.

The hours vary for the events. VEISHEA Village’s hours — which also include Cy’s Big top and Ames Neighborhood — are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, The VEISHEA International Food Fair’s hours are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, and the Campus Showcase takes place at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 12 to 15.