Fourth quarter crime statistics released


Graphic: Samantha Barbour/Iowa State Daily

The Iowa Board of Regents recently released the fourth quarter regents universities’ crime statistics.

Kaitlin York

The University of Iowa led the three largest state universities with the most student criminal offenses in the fourth quarter, according to a release by the Iowa Board of Regents. Iowa State and the University of Northern Iowa were also included in this release, which kept statistics on university police reports between Oct. 1 and Dec. 3.

The University of Iowa had 587 alcohol-related offenses, with 205 cases leading to criminal charges. Non-alcohol-related offenses tallied 920, with 383 students being charged.

Iowa State saw 240 alcohol-related offenses, and 131 left students with criminal charges. Other offenses totaled 421, with only 245 students charged.

At Iowa State, 58 percent of ISU students were charged with any offense by ISU Police in the fourth quarter, and 55 percent had an alcohol-related charge. Forty-two percent of students at the University of Iowa were charged with any offense, and 35 percent were issued an alcohol-related charge. At the University of Northern Iowa, 53 percent of students were charged with any offense, and 37 percent were issued alcohol-related charges.

In the fourth quarter of 2009, 81 students were charged with theft at Iowa State. In 2010, results showed 73 students were charged. According to the release, theft includes:

  • Pocket-picking
  • Purse-snatching
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft from building
  • Theft from coin-operated machine or device
  • Theft from motor vehicle
  • Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories
  • All other larceny

Thirteen arrests were made for reports of theft in comparison to seven being arrested in 2009.

In the fourth quarter statistics, Iowa State had a total of 259 theft offenses reported and 28 arrests made; in 2009, there were 278 with 22 arrests.

There were three aggravated assault offenses reported for quarter four, bringing the total for 2010 to eight. In 2009, the total was five.

Eight simple assault offenses were reported, ending the year with 27 total. In the fourth quarter, 16 arrests were made to bring the year’s total to 26. In 2009, there were 28 total.

Fifty-two ISU students were charged with destruction, damage or vandalism of property in the fourth quarter in comparison to 50 charges being made in 2009. The total number of charges for 2010 was 158.

There were 26 drug or narcotic violations issued to ISU students, concluding the year with 89 total. In 2009, there were 88 total. Drug equipment violations were received by 26 students in the fourth quarter, giving the year a total of 61.

Thirty students were issued offenses for driving under the influence, 28 of whom were arrested. In 2009, there were 37 and all were arrested. The total number of DUIs issued for 2010 was 123, which is lower than 2009’s statistics of 161.

Eighty-three students were ticketed for drunkenness, making the 2010 total 286. In 2009, 66 tickets were issued leaving the total at 292 tickets.

Beginning in the third quarter of 2010, the three Iowa Regents Universities began keeping statistics on the number of students charged with an alcohol-related offense and the number of students charged with non-alcohol offenses.