5 things new students need to know

Brandon Hallmark

Congratulations – you’ve been accepted to one of the most repsected veterinary programs in the nation. Here’s how to stand out in such a select crowd.

1. Get involved — ISU’s vet med program is one of the oldest in the nation, and it has plenty of groups to get involved in. It’s a good idea to get involved especially because students in Vet Med will see each other quite often.

2. Do the homework — Although it isn’t always the most fun thing in the world, homework is usually given because it is a supplement to the lecture, and also usually counts for part of your grade. Miss too many assignments, and your grade will drop like a rock. Readings also count as part of the homework and doing the readings will help a lot.

3. Go to the labs — the labs will provide hands-on experience that you won’t get in many other places. Everything done in labs is meant to help you learn the material, and will also give you practical knowledge for the future.

4. Get to know the professors — All of the professors at Vet Med know what they’re doing and have had years of experience. Get to know them, ask questions, and use them as a resource to help you succeed.

5. Pay attention in classes — Not all of what you learn will be applicable, but if you decide to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, you need to know what you’re doing as people’s livelihood, or their best friends, will one day be in your care. Paying attention in lecture is part of learning what to do, and as such, it is vital to pay attention.