VEISHEA VIP welcomes alumni

Emily Banks

The ISU Alumni Relations Committee is introducing a new event for VEISHEA this year, VEISHEA VIP.

The program was created in hopes of welcoming more alumni back to campus during VEISHEA and give them a “backstage, behind-the-scene” experience of Iowa State.

Halley Stille, VEISHEA Alumni Relations chairwoman and a senior in French, said the program is intended to show the alumni returning to the campus “things that have changed and what is going on now.”

The VIP program will take place April 16, and will have several events the participants can attend. The programs will show a variety of things around ISU including the Department of Residence, Memorial Union, College of Design, the Society of Carillon Alumni and Friends, University Archives, Special Collections and a few others.

Along with these programs, VIP participants will receive priority seats during the VEISHEA Parade and the Groove drum line performance. After the Groove performance the participants will also be able to meet and talk to the drummers.

“The programs are all optional, so the VIPs don’t have to go to all of them if they have something else they would like to do,” Stille said. “They are just a supplement to the VEISHEA experience.”

The program is hoping for around 50 people to participate for its first year.

“It’s a big learning experience. We’ve been concentrating on making this a solid product, finding rooms and scheduling the programs, and in the upcoming weeks we’re going to start recruiting more,” Stille said.

Entrance in the program is available to any alumni that wish to participate.

Stille said the program is hoping to show alumni that the university appreciates any contributions they get, not just the “big name” ones.

“Whether it’s $5 or $50, we want to show we do appreciate support for [Iowa State] and for VEISHEA,” Stille said.

Registration for VEISHEA VIP can be found under the Alumni tab on the VEISHEA website. The registration is free and only requires basic information. Passes for VEISHEA VIP can be picked up the day of the event at a tent located next to the VEISHEA Information Booth on Central Campus between 9 and 10:30 a.m.

For additional information or to have questions answered about the program Stille can be reached by email at [email protected]