Spring bar scene: Which bars in Ames have outdoor options?


Mickey’s Irish Pub has a patio it opens up when the weather is warm.

Mickey’s Irish Pub

Open all seasons, Mickey’s Irish Pub offers a versatile four season’s patio perfect for any bar customer. Heat lamps and lights cover the patio during the colder months to make it accessible year-round. Also, they offer an open garage door option when the weather is nice to air out the bar and give people more room to move around.

This patio offers tables and chairs for comfortable seating. There is also a cocktail server that covers the patio area making it easy to get a drink outside the bar area. Mickey’s has grill-outs on the patio occasionally where people can bring the buns and the meat’s provided.

“Everyone should go there on their 21st birthday, it will change your life,” said Mark Runkel, junior in communications.

Club Element

One of the biggest patio areas in Ames, Element offers many different activities for people to enjoy during the spring and summer months. These activities include bags in the beer garden, full seating, live music, outdoor DJs, beer tubs and they are currently adding a new tiki bar for this upcoming VEISHEA. Element is perfect for playing games with friends, enjoying some live entertainment and the fresh air.

Cy’s Roost

During the summer Cy’s puts out chairs, tables, a grill, a mini pool and patio bar in their patio area. They also have fun activities such as beer pong, flippy cup, bags and water activities.

“People can be outside, enjoy the weather and not have to be in a dark and dim enclosed area,” said manager Melvin Evans.

West Towne Pub

Looking for a bar in West Ames, outside of the Campustown bar scene? Well, West Towne Pub is the place for you this spring and summer. The large outdoor patio area, facing S. Dakota Avenue, has plenty of seating available for any size group. The patios main attraction is the patio party every Wednesday. You receive 10 tickets for 10 beers or $1 hot dogs. This is the perfect location for a beer and a nice meal while enjoying that summer sun.