Elahi inspires her teammates

Sally Donlin

The ISU women’s track team came back from the Big 12 meet with something to celebrate. It earned sixth place with a little bit of teamwork and a lot of motivation.

A notable amount of that motivation came from Kianna Elahi, a junior sprinter for Iowa State.

All her hard work has paid off this season as she continues to run ahead of the pack, race after race.

On the last weekend of February, Elahi earned second place in the Big 12, running in the 600-yard race and adding eight points to the team’s total score, just one of many races Elahi has done well in.

There are several big influences Elahi has impacting her successful track career. Aside from God being a huge factor on her abilities, her mother is one to recognize, Elahi said.

“My mom is amazing. All she’s ever done in my life is being there and supporting me,” Elahi said.

Elahi’s mother has attended almost all of every college track meet she’s been a part of, even if that means a long road trip from her hometown of Omaha, Neb.

“I feel really lucky that I have her in my life to have a positive influence on me because there’s a lot of pressure running collegiate track, so it’s just really nice to have a parent that is so loving and supportive,” Elahi said.

Elahi is majoring in chemical engineering at Iowa State, which is one of her top priorities. Balancing track and schoolwork is often challenging for Elahi.

“I think that I am lucky to be in this situation being in track and doing school, because it has taught me a lot of time management skills and how to really buckle down and get the work done,” Elahi said.

Elahi shows up to practice every day with a positive attitude that inspires her teammates to get out there and work hard.

Sprints coach Nate Wiens has seen nothing but improvements from Elahi over her years at Iowa State.

“She has an understanding of how she needs to train and how much effort she needs to put forward in practice,” Wiens said. “Each year she has gained a little more knowledge and figured out what she needs to do.”

Wiens has helped the sprinters and hurdlers a lot by figuring out what motivates them and what brings them to enjoy the sport.

Another factor in Elahi’s achievements is her connection with God.

“My relationship with God is a big part of my life,” Elahi said. “I pray a lot before meets, and it makes me feel like God is with me as I race. I feel really blessed to have such a good season.”

Elahi is an easy athlete — one that brings a lot of her own motivation to the track.

She looks forward to continuing to work hard throughout the season and breaking more Cyclone records down the lanes.