Greek Week tournaments span two weeks to accommodate all events

Molly Bryant spikes the ball at Greek Week Volleyball tournament Monday at Forker Gym. Photo: Clark Colby/Iowa State Daily

Alayna Flor

Intramurals aren’t the only place for students to show off their athletic abilities this week: members of the greek community have been battling each other for the gold in Greek Week tournaments.

“Greek students compete in tournaments for the thrill of competition against other pairings, and have a fun time playing sports they love, or are completely new to,” said Kate Dickey, junior in child, adult and family services and Greek Week tournaments chairwoman.

When referencing “pairings,” Dickey means the pair or group of one sorority, one large fraternity and one or two small fraternities. There are 13 pairings this year participating in the events.

“We have broomball, basketball, a swim meet, dodgeball, soccer, volley ball, treds football and a quiz bowl — a new event this year,” Dickey said.

Tournaments chairman Chris Roderick, senior in construction engineering, and Dickey organize all of the brackets, facility reservations, times, rules and events themselves.

With multiple Greek Week events happening throughout the week, tournaments were stretched out during two weeks so competitions happened every other night.

When problems arise, it is up to Dickey and Roderick to figure out a solution quickly.

“There haven’t been any outstanding issues this year yet,” Roderick said. “Sometimes chapters get overly competitive or too aggressive, which leads to injuries. There have been some rough injuries but besides basic injuries there are no other issues.”

But Dickey feels they are prepared.

“We put months of planning into six nights of tournaments,” Dickey said. “When complications occur, such as nets being at the wrong height, or jerseys go missing, we have to act fast in order to keep the tournament running smoothly and on time.”

This year, there is a new addition to tournaments: quiz bowl.

“Since scholarship is a huge aspect within the greek community, Greek Week Central wanted to add an event where greek students could show that,” Roderick said. “Quiz bowl is in many high schools, so we took advantage of this opportunity and added it this year.”

“Quiz bowl involved teams of three being asked trivia questions from the categories of politics, math, science, geography, history and ISU/greek history, Dickey said. “This event was fun to plan and having audience cheer on the teams made for some funny moments.”

Pairings that earn first place through fourth place earn points, which are added to the other tournament points they received at the end of Greek Week. The top four overall tournament teams are awarded trophies at Vespers, a large awards ceremony all greek students attend.

Thanks to their chairman positions, Dickey and Roderick are able to learn from past years experiences and add or change any rules they find unfit.

In previous years, there were many gender rules involving close-to-equal play, such as both genders having to touch the ball before scoring, but a few of those rules were dismissed.

“Females are just as talented, and even when guys are involved the games can be played normally,” Roderick said. “Most rules were taken out because they were adding unnecessary stipulations. We wanted to make things as close to the sport as possible.”

There are at least one or two females required during play for each event, but sometimes more females play than males.

“It’s all about strategy, following the rules, and watching guys and girls work together and have fun,” Roderick said.

Treds football was the final tournaments event, which took place Wednesday at Lied Recreation Athletic Center.

Dickey and Roderick said this year of tournaments to being a great success.

“Tournaments are always fun times and are a great part of Greek Week. Being co-chair was rewarding because the competition is awesome, and it’s always a surprise to see who does well,” Roderick said.