Word on the Street

Obtaining an internship is something many ISU students will eventually have to do. While searching for the perfect internship, some students may become discouraged. To help these students, here are four stories of students who have found interesting internships. From getting sushi for The Ready Set to fetching fabric for designers at Ralph Lauren, these students had unforgettable internships. Their stories prove that interesting internships do exist. You just have to look for them.  (DOESN’T FIT – PART OF SUMMER INTERNSHIP STORY?)

Miranda Hammer Picture 1

(Sophomore – Pre-Architecture)

 “I’m excited for the warm weather, and a nice break from school.”

 Devon Rook Picture 2

(Sophomore – Animal Science)

 “I’m going to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

 Nicholas Schroeder Picture 3

(Freshman – Aerospace Engineering)

 “I’m going to try out for the Iowa State football team.”

 Krissy Shaver  Picture 4

(Junior – Culinary Science – Human Sciences)

 “I’m excited to get married this summer.”

 Cairo Herrick Picture 5

(Sophomore – Sociology)

 “I’m looking forward to taking a road trip to Missouri.“

Calie Nicole Wallace Picture 0794

(Freshman – Elementary Education)

“I look forward to spending time with my family and my close friends, as well as going back to work and going to my lake house.”

Bryan Schmidt Picture 0798

(Senior – Architecture)

“For a potential internship.”

John Martin Picture 0802

(Sophomore – Finance)

“Hang out and run outside in the nice weather.”

Alexandra Nettleton Picture 0805

(Senior – Anthropology)

“Potentially running a marathon.”