Daily Fitness Challenge: Moriah Smith, week 6

Moriah Smith

I feel like it’s time to stop holding out for warm weather. Even with spring break right around the corner, there seems to be no warm weather in sight. The ground hog lied to us, my friends. 

I guess it’s time to break out the work out videos again or just suck it up and go to the crowded rec. It’s about time for the people who are just getting ready for spring break to get out of there, right? All I know is this, it’s still too cold to run outside (at least for me) and I just can’t use it as an excuse anymore. 

Spring break wasn’t a deadline for me to lose weight or get fit by, it’s more of a process in my book, but excuses have definitely been my friend. 

On the bright side, I’ve definitely noticed a difference between when I eat healthy and when I gorge on snack food in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

Saturday, one of my friends came to visit from out of town, so of course we went to Hickory Park for dinner and I took full advantage of it. I ate all the fried food and ice cream my heart desired. Then upon returning to my apartment from our night’s endeavors, we decided it’d be a good decision to eat an entire jar of queso. This morning, all that food made me feel awful. And yes, it was the food that made me feel like that. 

In short, I don’t think I’m going to be doing that again, it’s just not worth it to feel like that. I feel like I’ve said that before, but oh well. It’s bound to stick sometime.