Fitness Challenge: Gabriel Stoffa week 5 sort of on the ball

Gabriel Stoffa

I skipped my report for week four because, well, I was lazy and my working out consisted of only figuring out what bits of P90X to steal away and mix into my swimming routine.

So here we are. I have decided that the warm up from P90X is definitely worth using. Instead of the regular exercise, I am going with grabbing my weights and lifting at breaks whenever I am studying or playing poker. The situps and crunches I sometimes do are still in that hazy realm of only happening when I feel like I have an extra 30 minutes.

Granted, that is not the most efficient method for getting ripped, but it is showing results.

Overall, I have dropped a few pounds and down to a 31 waist from a 32.

Not striking improvements, I know. But then I was not in bad shape to begin with.

As soon as the weather breaks, as in the cold stops making me avoid anywhere not indoors, I will get back to biking everywhere and running in the mornings.

With any luck, I will get into a better role and end up nice and healthy by spring.